The goal of this website is to help students, educators, and the general public realize the importance of archaeology to understanding Connecticut’s deep history.

Archaeology enables the study of past peoples in a way that is not possible solely through documentation. When archaeologists examine the archaeological record, they are looking specifically at what the people of the past left behind – their “artifacts“. Examining this “material culture” through the scientific techniques that archaeology builds upon helps us to understand parts of the past that were not written down. It can improve our understanding of historical events, which may not be fully or correctly documented. 

This website provides a sampling of some of Connecticut’s many archaeological sites, some of the findings from those sites, and also highlights the importance of Connecticut’s contributions to the archaeological record.

This website was made possible by the generous support of the Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development, through the Office of Culture and Tourism. The grant project was coordinated by the Institute for American Indian Studies Museum & Research Center, in Washington, Connecticut. The IAIS Museum’s Research & Collections Department authored and gathered many of the materials included in this website. The IAIS Museum gratefully acknowledges the support of:

While we’ve done our best to ensure that all information on this site is accurate and that all content was posted in full respect for copyright holders, including attributions and citations where appropriate and the use of openly licensed images whenever possible, please contact the IAIS Museum Research & Collections Department if you see anything amiss.